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Welcome to the Erie Angler Charters photo gallery! Here, you'll find a collection of images showcasing successful fishing trips with Captain Jim Mitchell on beautiful Lake Erie. Our gallery features great catches of Walleye and Perch along with happy clients proudly displaying their prize catches. You'll also see our clients in action, whether they're jigging, trolling, or casting, with the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Erie as their fishing playground. These photos capture the excitement and joy that comes with a day on the water with Erie Angler Charters. We invite you to browse through our gallery and imagine yourself reeling in your own trophy catch with Captain Jim Mitchell and Erie Angler Charters.

ERIE ANGLER CHARTERS Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Walleye ( Glass Eye, Marble Eye ), American Yellow Perch (Also Called Lake Perch, Perch ). The Fishing photos are taken in Lake Erie

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Reel in Success on Lake Erie

Captain Jim Mitchell is a highly respected and experienced angler who has been fishing Lake Erie for over 30 years. Through his charter business, Erie Angler Charters, Captain Jim provides excellent fishing experiences on the lake for both novice and experienced anglers alike. On board his boat, customers are able to enjoy the majesty of Lake Erie’s open waters while they search for walleye fish, one of the most sought after catches in the Great Lakes Region. Seize the day and escape stress by booking a one-of-a-kind angling adventure today!

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